Lukács Baths | A Guide to the Historical Thermal Bath in Budapest

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The Lukács Thermal Bath in Budapest, Hungary, is a historical thermal bath complex.  There are indoor and outdoor thermal baths of various sizes and temperatures here. The thermal baths are naturally heated by hot springs. It is a unisex thermal bath spot. You will discover countless gratitude plaques in various languages while wandering through the beautiful thermal bath complex.

Lukács Baths: An Overview

lukács bath complex

Lukács Baths Opening Times

Monday to Sunday: 6 AM – 10 PM

The timings remain the same during the year except for important festivals and national holidays.
Note: The cashier closes at 9 PM. However, the pools and facilities remain open till 10 PM.

Earlier, Lukács Bath used to host night spa parties on its premises. However, now the 'sparties' only take place at Széchenyi Baths. Read more about Széchenyi Baths and plan your visit to enjoy one of these famous and exciting thermal spa parties.

Lukács Baths Location

What are Lukács Baths Famous for?

gratitude plaques at lukács baths

Medicinal Waters of Lukács Baths

thermal water of lukács baths

Lukács Baths get their thermal water from deep underground natural hot springs. In several pools, the hot spring waters are cooled down to suit various needs. A variety of ions and minerals make up the chemical constitution of the hot spring water.

Owing to the medicinal waters and the various hydrotherapy treatments offered here, Lukács Baths was deemed a medical center in the 19th century. The medicinal waters are most commonly used to treat joint and muscle injuries.

The hot spring water is abundant in calcium hydrogen carbonate, calcium hydrogensulfite, magnesium hydrogen carbonate, chloride, and magnesium hydrogen sulfate. Sodium and substantial content of fluoride ions are also found in the water.

What's Inside Lukács Baths?

Lukács Baths are home to numerous pools of various sizes and temperatures. There is also a range of spa services to choose from. You can also visit the Sauna World here which includes five more saunas, an ice cooling pool, an igloo, and a heated Roman bench. Lukács Baths hosts sauna nights each Friday of every even week from 8 PM to 2 AM.

private thermal bath at lukács baths

Thermal Section

There are three thermal water pools at Lukács Baths with temperatures varying from 89.6°F to 104 °F. There’s also a cooling pool that is maintained at 75°F. You can enjoy steam room facilities and massages here as well.

swimming pool at lukács baths

Swimming Section

If just soaking in thermal water isn’t your cup of tea, Lukács Baths also has two swimming pools with the temperatures of one pool ranging from 72–75 °F while the other pool maintains a temperature of 79 °F.

specialty pool at lukács baths

Wellness Section

There are numerous facilities available in the wellness section. The leisure pool maintains a temperature of  91.4°F. There are also herbal and Finnish sauna facilities along with a Kneipp pool.

Pools at Lukács Baths

There are 8 pools in Lukács Baths of different sizes and temperatures, which serve various purposes. There are also five indoor and outdoor pools, two of which have different temperatures, an outstanding spa, a thermal bath, and an underwater traction bath. The spa is particularly relaxing, with massage jets buried in the benches, a neck shower, underwater effervescence, fizzing beds, and a whirlpool.

thermal bath in lukács baths

Thermal Pool

Taking a dip in the thermal pool is great for the recovery and prevention of various muscle diseases. Lukács Baths have a wide selection of thermal pools to choose from, namely - Medical personnel pools, a Swimming pool for medical exercise, and an Underwater traction swimming pool.

leisure pool in lukács baths

Leisure Pool

A leisure pool is exactly what it sounds like - all you have to do here is sit and relax, leisurely, as the thermal bath waters perform their healing magic. The water temperature at this pool is maintained at a toasty 91.4°F - 95°F.

plunge pool at lukács baths

Plunge Pool

Head to the plunge pool of Lukács Baths for a refreshing bath that also aids in healing at the same time.

lukács baths pool


As part of the wellness section of Lukács Baths, the Kneipp pool provides various healing treatments. This pool is known for foot massage wellness and care. 

swimming pool at lukács baths

Swimming Pools

Along with the various other pools, there are also two swimming pools at Lukács Baths where you can go for an exhilarating swim.

Lukács Baths Highlights

thermal section at lukács baths

Thermal Baths

There are numerous thermal baths present in Lukács Baths. The thermal baths of Lukács Baths make use of the underground healing waters from one of the oldest hot springs in Hungary. The healing effects of the thermal bath waters have been known since the 12th century.

sauna world at lukács baths

Sauna World

Along with the various thermal baths and pools, Lukács Baths also houses a Sauna World. This sauna paradise has 5 more saunas, an ice cooling pool, an igloo, and a heated Roman bench. You can choose from a wide range of sauna options such as - Finnish sauna, infra sauna, salt sauna, and a nudist sauna. Please note that this is a textile-free zone - wear sauna sheets instead of swimsuits.

drinking fountain at lukács baths

Drinking Fountain

In 1937, the drinking cure hall of the bath was constructed. The drinking hall has the same water that the thermal baths in Lukács Baths receive. However, the well for the drinking hall is a different and newer one. The water is rich in calcium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate, sulfate, chloride as well as sodium and fluoride ions.

rooftop fitness park in lukacs baths

Rooftop Sunbathing Area & Fitness Park

To enhance your day at the spa and get an extra dose of health, you can also visit the fitness park that is present on the rooftop of Lukács Baths. There is also a rooftop sunbathing area where you can enjoy a splendid view of the city as you sunbathe. The fitness park has a wide range of equipment to choose from.  The rooftop fitness park and sunbathing area are seasonal and remain open only from May through October.


Lukács Beer Spa

The Lukács Beer Spa is located on the Buda side, near the Danube river. Located in the hall of Lukács Thermal Bath, the Lukács Beer Spa was completed in 2020. The beer spa has 9 bathing tubs for guests to choose from. Enjoy a leisurely 45-minute beer bath at this beer spa in Budapest with unlimited beer as the nutrient-rich bath treats your hair and skin. 

History of Lukács Baths

lukács thermal baths

In the 12th century, St. John's knights made use of the hot spring waters in the area that now houses Lukács Baths. The knights chose to settle in this area to heal the sick. During the reign of the Turks, the energy from the hot spring was largely used to make gunpowder and for grinding wheat. After Buda was reoccupied, the bath became the property of the Treasury. The thermal baths were built during Hungary’s turn-of-the-century period of urban renewal.

The bath started undergoing a series of transformations from the year 1884 after it was purchased from the Treasury. The bath was completely remodeled and restored as a spa hotel and wellness center. Lukács Bath was given the status of a water hospital for the treatment of locomotive disorders in the 1970s, and physiotherapy was also practiced there. The pools at Lukács Baths are open to men and women. Some of the pools still retain their historical names such as “men’s swimming pool” and “women’s swimming pool”.

Other Services at Lukács Baths

painting and photo gallery of lukács baths
  • As is true for most Budapest Baths, Lukács Baths offer cabins and lockers so that you can change comfortably and store away your belongings safely.
  • There is a tub section in the bath complex that allows you to take private baths. Doctor prescribed tub treatments are also available here.
  • The roof of Lukács Baths gives you the option to relax as you take in the beautiful skyline. Along with that, there is also an open-air workout section on the rooftop.
  • You can find thermal water and medical mud for sale at the drinking hall of Lukács Baths.
  • A hospital for customized treatments can be found on the second floor.
  • There is also a gallery exhibition that displays various paintings and photographs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lukács Baths

Q. What are Lukács Baths?

A. The Lukács Thermal Bath in Budapest, Hungary, is a historical thermal bath complex. There are indoor and outdoor thermal baths of various sizes and temperatures present here.

Q. Do the Lukács Bath waters have medicinal properties?

A. Yes, Lukacs Bath waters have medicinal properties. Its medicinal waters are most commonly used to treat joint and muscle injuries.

Q. Is it safe to visit Lukács Baths after Covid-19?

A. Yes, it is safe to visit Lukacs Baths after Covid-19. It is obligatory to wear a mask in all indoor areas except for the pools. If you are visiting Lukacs Baths be sure to familiarize yourself with the necessary safety precautions.

Q. What is the best time to visit Lukács Baths?

A. You can visit the bath complex early in the morning when it is relatively less crowded.

Q. Can I store my belongings somewhere safe in Lukács Baths?

Yes, you can store your belongings safely in the lockers provided near the swimming pools. Lukács Baths provide cabins as well for comfortable changing and safe storage of your belongings.

Q. Where can I book my Budapest Baths tickets?

A. You can book Budapest Baths tickets online and in advance to avoid any kind of hassle and long queues.

Q. Are the pools at Lukács Baths mixed/coed?

A. Lukács Baths thermal complex and its facilities can be enjoyed by both women and men.

Q. Can I book a private bath at Lukács Baths?

A. Yes, you can book a private bath at Lukács Baths.

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