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One of the most well-known medieval Turkish baths in Budapest, the Rudas Bath is known for its infrastructure, relaxing spa services as well as the different kinds of pools that the bath offers. With its 10 m diameter dome, held aloft by 8 pillars, the bath has been operational since the Turkish conquest of Hungary in the 16th century. 

Don’t get your towel in a twist on deciding where to head to as we are here to provide you with the ultimate guide to the Rudas Baths to make your trip a memorable and relaxing one. 

Rudas Baths: An Overview

rudas baths in budapest

Rudas Bath Opening Hours

Rudas Bath remains open every day from 6 AM to 8 PM.

On Fridays and Saturdays, the bath complex is open from 10 PM to 3 AM as well for night bathing.

Turkish Bath Timings:

The bath is open to men all-day on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and till 12:45 PM on Fridays.

Tuesdays are women-only days while Fridays from 1:00 PM and Saturdays and Sundays are co-ed days.

Rudas Bath Location

Address: Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9, 1013 Hungary.

Find on Maps

Tram No. 19, 41, 56 and 56A take you straight to the thermal complex building.

Bus No. 7 will stop at the bridge, Rudas Bath is a 2-minute walk from here.

Why are Rudas Baths Famous?

panoramic view of the danube river from inside the rooftop pool at rudas baths

Budapest’s Rudas Bath is famous for the medicinal properties it offers as the water in it helps cure a lot of joint illness, inflammations, vertebral problems, and more. Known for its Turkish features within, the traditional Turkish dome and octagonal pool, Rudas Baths are as pleasing to the eye as they are to your body. The bath offers 6 therapy pools and one huge swimming pool to choose from.

The rooftop hot tub is the biggest attraction, providing a great view of the Pest skyline. The bath offers a same-sex day on weekdays and is the only one that does so in Budapest. 

Medicinal Waters of Rudas Baths

thermal bath water at rudas baths

Rudas Bath receives thermal water from three sources, namely Hungaria, Attila, and Juventus, and contains various components like sulfate, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and a significant amount of fluoride ion. It is said that thermal water can help treat issues pertaining to the musculoskeletal system (joint issues, lack of calcium, spinal-related issues, neuralgia, etc.). The bath also has a room that pumps healing water. Drinking water from the fountain is suitable for people with diseases of the kidney, respiratory tract, gout, gastrointestinal tract, to name a few. It is recommended to take a doctor’s consultation before trying out these therapeutic measures at Rudas.

Is Rudas Baths a Turkish Bath?

people bathing in the turkish pool of rudas baths

Rudas Baths Architecture

thermal bath at rudas baths

Rudas Fürdő, commonly known as the Rudas Bath is a well-known thermal bath in Budapest popular for its fine engineering. Built in the year 1550 during Ottoman rule, the bath still retains its major key elements like the Turkish octagonal pool and the Turkish dome. 

The Rudas bathhouses have six therapy pools and a large swimming pool. The thermal bathwater that is fed from the natural hot springs is said to have a lot of medicinal properties which can cure a lot of health issues. 

When you look closely to observe the bath, you can find inscriptions in Hungarian on a stone standing atop the Juve spring. The locals believed that this had a healing impact on people.

What is Inside Rudas Baths?

Inside the Rudas Baths, you can spot a series of indoor thermal pools where the temperatures range from warm to hot, saunas, steam rooms, cold plunge pools, and rooms for a nice massage. The Rudas Baths have a range of facilities and spa services that are offered.

wellness pool at rudas baths

Thermal Baths and Pools

A soak in the thermal baths and pools is the quintessential Budapest experience that is a must-try. The thermal bath waters can be beneficial to ailments like arthritis, circulatory disorder, slipped disc, neuralgia, and other respiratory illnesses.

rooftop pool at rudas baths

Rooftop Pool

Want to experience a rooftop hot tub while overlooking a panoramic view of the majestic city of Budapest? Rudas Baths serve the purpose just right! Plunge into the rooftop pool and feel the warm waters and you will not be disappointed.

swimming pool at rudas baths

Swimming Pool

The room with the pool in the Rudas Baths will blow your mind as it is designed with two stories and has a deck of chairs to lay back and look outside the second floor. The pool is maintained at a temperature of 84.2°F, which is great for a swim. 

aroma sauna at rudas baths in budapest

Massage Services

We all love a nice massage, but combine it with a relaxing thermal bath and you have a winner. You can choose from various massage therapies like Aroma Relax Massage, Medical Massage, Deep Nourishing Massage, and Skin Firming Massage. There are also various saunas like the aroma and the Finnish sauna.

Pools at Rudas Baths

plunge pool at rudas baths

Rudas Baths are one of the most impressive ones in Europe, not just for its architecture but it is undoubtedly an extreme spa that consists of the two hottest pools as well as the hottest steam room in the city. The space has 6 thermal pools of various sizes and temperatures, allowing you to have that perfect dip.

Wondering what the temperatures of each of these pools are like? 

  • Large Thermal Pool – 96.8°F
  • Thermal Pool 1 – 82.4°F
  • Thermal Pool 2 – 86°F
  • Thermal Pool 3 – 91.4°F
  • Thermal Pool 4 – 107.6°F
  • Cold Pool – 60.8°F

Rudas Baths Highlights

people bathing in a Turkish bath at rudas bath

Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath is the oldest part of the Rudas Baths with an octagonal pool and a quintessential large Turkish dome. Indeed, a sight to behold, the bathhouse will take you back in time with its ancient concrete pillars and miniature holes that let light seep in from the top of the dome.

thermal bath in rudas baths

Thermal Baths

A modern version of the ancient Turkish baths, the Thermal Baths are a replica of swimming pools with jets offering a relaxing hydromassage. You can try contrast bathing, where you get to enjoy the hot and the cold side of the pool, followed by a nice warm shower.

swimming pool at rudas baths

Swimming Pool

A stunning pool of dreams, the room consists of two stories with a deck of chairs to relax and enjoy a view outside the second floor. The pool is used only for swimming and has a great temperature apt for breaststroke only. Wear a swim cap when you are at the pool.

Finnish sauna at rudas baths in budapest


Love hot saunas? Rudas Baths have the perfect sauna to fade your stress away. You will find the authentic Turkish sauna called hammam here. Rudas Bath also offers other sauna options like the aroma sauna and the Finnish sauna where temperatures range from 104°F to 212°F.

rooftop pool at rudas baths giving a panoramic view of the danube river

Rooftop Pool

Undoubtedly the most exciting part of the Rudas baths is the Rooftop Pool. The rooftop pool is open to visitors all year-round and is definitely worth taking a dip in. The pool is kept warm at a toasty 96.8°F and provides stunning, panoramic views of the Danube River. Relax, rejuvenate, rejoice in maximum comfort and style.

massage therapy

Massage Treatments

There are very few problems that relaxing massage therapy cannot solve. Choose from a wide range of massage treatments at Rudas Baths. Aroma Relax Massage, Medical Massage, Skin Firming Massage, and Deep Nourishing Massage are the treatments offered at the center.

drinking water fountain at rudas baths

Drinking Fountains

Rudas Baths are known for their drinking fountains which provide safe drinking water that contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. The Hungaria healing water, Attila healing water, and the Juventus healing water are said to provide relief from various health issues like acid reflux, gallbladder issues, high blood pressure, and more.

panoramic view of the Danube river and the panoramic pool at rudas baths

Rudas Bistro

Head to Rudas Bistro to taste the culinary specialties of the area. The bistro's menu offers a delectable selection of Hungarian and international food. Starting your day with a therapeutic bath and ending it at the bistro with a beautiful panoramic view of the Danube river as the backdrop does indeed make for a picture-perfect day.

History of Rudas Baths

rudas bath in 1850

Other Services at Rudas Baths

If you aren't already wowed by the plethora of spa services and the medicinal thermal baths, there are a few other interesting services that Rudas Baths offers to its visitors. You can go in for a tub bath, underwater jet massage, or a medical-massage. Rudas Bath also offers a royal thermal extra massage, a special massage if you're looking for an intense massage with stronger hands and stronger movements, and a refreshing water massage wherein the entire body is thoroughly massaged with soap.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rudas Baths

Q. What are Rudas Baths?

A. Rudas Bath is a thermal bath complex in Budapest that was built in 1550 during the Ottoman rule. The Turkish bath is a significant attraction and is known for its Turkish dome, octagonal pool, and the medicinal properties that its waters carry. 

Q. Do the Rudas Bath waters have medicinal properties?

A. Yes, the Rudas Bath waters have medicinal properties with components like sulfate, calcium, magnesium, fluoride ion, and bicarbonate that can help treat joint illness, joint inflammations, neuralgia, and lack of calcium in the bone, to name a few.

Q. Is it safe to visit Rudas Baths after Covid-19?

A. A. There are many safety protocols in place to ensure maximum safety while you visit Rudas Baths. You are required to present your vaccination certificate or Covid pass.

Q. What is the best time to visit Rudas Baths?

A. We recommend you to visit the Rudas baths either in the morning around 10:00 AM or at noon. During the early morning hours, between 6-8 AM, the bath complex is less crowded and is mostly used by the locals.

Q. What is a Turkish Bath?

A. A Turkish bath, also known as a Hammam, is a steam bath popular in Turkey and various parts of the world, since medieval times. Traditional Turkish baths comprise an octagonal pool with thermal waters.

Q. Is Rudas Baths a Turkish Bath?

A. Yes, the Rudas Bath is a famous medieval Turkish Bath in the city and is inclusive of 6 thermal baths and a large swimming pool.

Q. Can I store my belongings somewhere safe in Rudas Baths?

A. Rudas Bath comes with lockers or cabins where you can safely store your belongings.

Q. What do I need to bring when I visit Rudas Baths?

A. Visitors are urged to carry a pair of flip-flops, swimwear, a towel, and a swim cap while visiting Rudas Baths. Carry bathing essentials like soap and shampoo as well.

Q. Where can I book my Budapest Baths tickets?

A. Save money with attractive discounts and book your Budapest Baths tickets online and in advance in order to avoid long queues at the last moment.

Q. Are the pools at Rudas Baths mixed/coed?

A. The baths are open to men all week long, and for women only on Tuesdays. If you and your partner wish to visit together, you can visit on a weekend. The swimming pool is open for men and women on all days.

Q. Can we visit Rudas Baths at night?

A. Yes, you can visit the Rudas Baths at night on Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM. 

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