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What if we told you that there’s more to beer than just being an enjoyable drink? Budapest Beer Spa lets you enjoy the unique experience of taking a dip in beer tubs and relieve yourself of all your tensions and worries as you sip on a beer. You can enjoy this soul-soothing thermal beer spa experience at the famous Széchenyi Baths and Lukács Baths in Budapest. Not only are Budapest Beer Spas a great source of relaxation, but beer baths are also extremely beneficial in skin beautification and restoration. The blend of natural brewer’s yeast, aromatic hops, and malt will rid you of your weariness and leave you feeling fresh and new.

What is a Budapest Beer Spa?

beer and hops

Just like the other thermal baths in Budapest, Budapest beer spas offer medicinal benefits and a rejuvenating experience with a cool twist - you get to soak in beer and have it too! Visitors get to bathe in water that is mixed with hops, malt, hops, and sea salt.

This luxurious and soothing bath provides anti-inflammatory benefits as well. Though the concept may seem new, bathing in beer dates back to the Middle Ages. Some sources also date the tradition to the 7th century when beer was first produced. 


The beer spas in Budapest give you the chance to experience the finest and most comfortable beer baths. Once inside any of the Budapest beer spas, you get directed to your private cabin to get changed and store your belongings.

An experienced and certified Bath Master will then take you through the ingredients of your special beer bath. You'll then be invited to hop in and help yourself to local beer from a tap conveniently located near the tub. 

Thermal Budapest Beer Spa

When in Budapest, you not only get to enjoy the numerous thermal baths, but you can also chill out at the Budapest beer spas - uplifting your spa experience greatly. Thermal Beer Spas of Budapest are as beneficial as they are relaxing. The various ingredients used to make the beer bath water are rich in vitamins and minerals that treat your skin as they relax your mind and body. Forty-five minutes in the beer bathtub are enough for your body to absorb all the beneficial nutrients as you relax to your heart’s content. 
This unique concept of beer spa immensely helps alleviate skin problems, improve blood circulation, and even helps flush out toxins from the body.

beer hops

Ingredients of the Budapest Beer Spa Bath

  • The beer bath is prepared with the dry ingredients of beer.

  • The dry ingredients that are added to the wooden bathtub are hops that relax you, vitamin B-rich malt, yeast full of vitamins, and beer salt.

  • These dry ingredients are added to 96.8°F hot medicinal water. This thermal water is the same that can be found in the various Budapest Baths

  • These ingredients and water are then stirred together by a Bath Master.

  • Your thermal beer bath is ready for soaking!
sea salt

Various Benefits of Budapest Beer Spa

  • Beer baths are made up of dry beer ingredients that offer a range of health benefits and are rich in various vitamins and minerals.

  • Hops are an ancient herb that provides a sedative effect - this helps the body relax.

  • Malts are rich in vitamin B which is great for making your skin smooth and soft.

  • The yeast is full of vitamins that are beneficial for your nails and hair.

  • The beer sea salt is rich in mineral content that helps relax your muscles.

Széchenyi Beer Spa

Széchenyi Bath is the largest thermal bath in Budapest. From outdoor swimming pools to adventure pools, from therapeutic thermal baths to relaxing saunas, the bath complex has every amenity to ensure a memorable experience for any spa enthusiast.

széchenyi baths

How Can I Visit a Budapest Beer Spa?

Széchenyi Baths have two beer spas in its complex. One of the beer spas is meant for the visitors who visit the main Széchenyi bath complex and the other beer spa is just for those who wish to enjoy a soak in beer baths. However, both the Széchenyi beer spas are ticketed venues. We recommend combining your visit to the beer spa with a dip in the main Széchenyi Baths complex as a trip to Budapest will be incomplete without paying a visit to the largest thermal bath complex in Europe.

Széchenyi Baths see huge crowds on a daily basis, no matter what time of the day or season it is. Pre-booking your Budapest Baths tickets is the best way to ensure that you get a hassle-free entry even when there are heavy crowds at the attraction. Not only do you get to skip the hassle of standing in long queues, but online tickets are also safe and they encourage contactless transactions.

Book Your Budapest Baths Tickets

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Lukács Beer Spa

Another famous beer spa that is a must-visit in Budapest is the Lukács Beer Spa. Located on the Buda side, near the Danube river, Lukács Baths with its many thermal pools and saunas is a treat to spa enthusiasts.
A favorite among the locals, Lukács Baths is known for its thermal pools of varying temperatures, numerous saunas, and a beautiful sunbathing terrace. The baths are not only a center of healing but also serve as a meeting place for generations alike, where social life thrives. Lukács Baths boast of modern adventure pools, swimming pools, Turkish baths, and a newly renovated sauna complex.

lukács baths

Frequently Asked Questions About Budapest Beer Spa

Q. What are beer spas?

A. People have been bathing in oak hot tubs full of beer for centuries. The practice of bathing in beer is said to relieve stress, cleanses the skin, and release unnecessary toxins from the body. 

Q. Are there beer spas in Budapest?

A. Yes, there are two beer spas in Budapest - Széchenyi Beer Spa and Lukács Beer Spa.

Q. Are beer baths healthy?

A. Beer baths provide numerous benefits and are rich in vitamins and minerals. You can indulge in a beer bath at one of the Budapest Beer Spas.

Q. Are beer spas safe?

A. Bathing in beer has been a proven medical procedure since the Middle Ages. Bathing in beer is not only safe, but it is also therapeutic and healthy.

Q. Is it safe to visit Budapest Baths and Budapest Beer Spa after Covid-19?

A. There are many safety protocols in place to ensure maximum safety while you visit Budapest Baths. You are required to present your vaccination certificate or Covid pass.

Q. How many beer spas are in Budapest?

A. There are two beer spas in Budapest - Széchenyi Beer Spa and Lukács Beer Spa.

Q. Where can I book my Budapest Baths tickets?

A. You can easily book your Budapest Bath tickets online. Visit here to book your tickets.

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